Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reading assignments, vol. 2

Here go some interesting reads from this week:

Research policy:

  • Check out this commentary by AAAS CEO Alan I. Leshner over at the Chronicle of Higher Education. He and Steven J. Fluharty bemoan the increasing cost in money and time of administrative burdens on research labs.
  • Also at the Chronicle, Peter Suber (Harvard Open Access Project) and Darius Cuplinskas make the case for open access to research in order to benefit the public and spur innovation.
  • At Scientific American, James M. Gentile writes about the persistent gender bias in the sciences. Most troubling is the double-blind study showing that male and female faculty members both rate female job applicants lower than male regardless of content.

Science and the public:

  • I like cringe-worthy television science. See Arr Oh points some out over at Just Like Cooking
  • Mark at Chemistry-Blog laments over the idiocy of chemophobia when tied with administration.

Science writing: